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Thought-provoking, meditative, mournful, and comforting for readers who seek a connection to purpose and meaning, the anthology acts as a hearth of its own.

    from Publishers Weekly

The wisdom, compassion, and humanity in these pages are powerful medicine for our time. It’s not necessary to begin at the beginning, but I did. I started with W. S. Merwin’s beautiful poem and the rest of the essays seeped in where Merwin made his skillful soul-opening into my heart. By the time I put this gorgeous collection of writing down, I was flooded with both the balm of compassion and instructions for how to go forward, both.

    Alexandra Fuller

The first hearth, I suppose, before humans controlled fire, was the body heat of a she-wolf or a bear, curled in her den, offering nurture to shivering pups or cubs. These fine writers take it from there. Wolves don’t need fire, as Barry notes. But they and we all need something like it—a focus, a refuge, a source.

    David Quammen

[A] remarkable new collection . . . We live within a blaze of transience both inevitable and complete,’ writes Jane Hirshfield. Hearth captures both the evanescence of that blaze and its enduring power to heal us.

    from World Literature Today

A simmering collection of 32 provocative and stunning works . . . Ultimately, this profound and radiant volume reveals that hearths take many forms, including a book.

    from Booklist

The anthology is itself a literary adventure, a journey to hearths, literal and metaphorical, around the world, a visit with global citizens who are rooted and those who are on the road.

    from Quartzy


The Write Question

A Global Conversation on Community, Identity, and Place


This anthology of prose, poetry, and photography from authors around the world, edited by environmental advocate O’Connor and author Smith (Homestead), undertakes a thoughtful, at times poignant exploration of the idea of the hearth in the present era.

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Some of my favorite people on earth are in this book,
Dear writers and grand spirits.

Annie Dillard