Susan O’Connor


Co-Editor Susan O’Connor is an environmental and arts advocate. She has served on the boards of several art museums, including the Menil in Houston, Texas. She has also been a board member of the Orion Society and the American Prairie Reserve. She cofounded several nonprofits including Pacific Writers Connection, Ala Kukui: Hana Retreat, Ohana Makamae, and Families First both in Boston and Missoula. She is a coeditor, with Annick Smith, of The Wide Open: Prose, Poetry, and Photographs of the Prairie, which included such notable writers as Peter Matthiessen, Richard Ford, Gretel Ehrlich, and James Harrison with photographic portfolios by Lee Friedlander, Lois Conner, and Geoffrey James. She presently lives in Missoula, Montana with her husband Roy and three black Labradors.

All around the world, individuals, families, friends, and neighbors gather around a campfire or a computer, a kitchen table or an auditorium stage to share ideas, and warmth, and often food. This book, we hope, may become one such gathering place where ideas are asked that have no answers, where the talk goes on and on, connecting us in peace and trust.


Some of my favorite people on earth are in this book,
Dear writers and grand spirits.

Annie Dillard