Sarah Hedden


Sarah Hedden is a conservationist and architectural designer. Born in the Utah desert and raised in a climate of aridity, the lessons she learned in this distinctive landscape have informed her sense of urgency, wonder, and devotion. As a designer and curator of sacred space, her work is born out of her own search for stillness in a loud and unsettled world; becoming a student of Tea Ceremony is part of that search. Hedden received her Masters in Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley.

We are surrounded by hundreds of thousands of acres of public lands, lands that belong to We the People in this country we call America. These lands are a varied palette of color and geography from sagebrush seas ubiquitous to the West; to petrified sand dunes now monuments of stone; to buttes and mesas, hoodoos and spires; to arches and windows blown open by wind, water, and time. This is an erosional landscape where geology reveals the open history of Earth….

As Westerners, we take our public lands seriously. We know they are our birthright as American citizens. They are the lands we graze, mine, drill, frack, log, wander in and recreate on. They are also the lands we recognize as our national forests, seashores, wetlands, national parks and wildlife refuges. Breathing spaces, I call them, in a society increasingly holding its breath.


Some of my favorite people on earth are in this book,
Dear writers and grand spirits.

Annie Dillard